Master how to find, photograph and pitch a powerful conservation story without the overwhelm of where to start, the stifling insecurity about getting the “right” images, or frustrating confusion over how to connect with editors.

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Hi, I'm Jaymi Heimbuch

I’ve been a professional wildlife conservation photographer for over a decade, and am a freelance photo editor for conservation-focused publications. Equal to my passion of pursuing stories is my joy of teaching others and helping YOU attain your greatest goals.

I know how difficult it can feel to get started in your conservation photography journey. Trust me, I've been there! And every day I see pitches for photo stories, so I know what gets attention and Yes answers.

I am all about building strategies that minimize overwhelm, spiraling, and stagnation so you can gain momentum. Because what you do with your photography talents means the world to us all (literally).

I've had the honor of watching my students tackle the challenges and break through barriers in how they approach a story, how they approach their image creation, and importantly, how they think about themselves as conservation photographers.

Pulling from my love of structure and organization, and my passion for teaching conservation storytelling, I’ve crafted a system that will help you get out of the thought spiral and into the field making waves.

Conservation Photography 101 is the only program of its kind.

By the time you finish this course, you'll be able to

What Students Say

Lisa Alvarez

I want to be a conservation photographer but I didn’t have the storytelling skills to really get started. I was insecure about how to move forward, and I hadn't seen a class that taught the skills I would need. You probably don't want to know what I was saying to myself – suffice it to say, it wasn't positive!

I've read articles on how to become a Conservation Photographer, but that does not even begin to compare with what you learn in this course. Here, you get the “nuts and bolts” on how to move forward with the goal to enter this field that you won't get anywhere else. I now know how to research conservation stories and to better plan my images so that they tell a story.

When I saw CP101, I didn’t have any hesitation about enrolling. And now, I’m on my way! I have a specific goal to get published and more importantly, I have a plan and resources to accomplish it.

Bill MacFarland

I had no idea how to package my work to present it to others and nobody…would…return…my ….emails….nobody! I was pretty frustrated. I thought I had some good images but I wasn't making any progress in selling those images. I really wanted to learn how to pitch my work to editors and get responses.

This course has changed my approach to my photo storytelling. I now know a good story when I see it and I know when one of my story ideas isn't quite there yet.

And, one of the stories I worked on during this course has been accepted for publication by a national magazine! WOOOHOOO! That's what we're talkin' about!

Being part of the student group and taking part in the weekly Q&As really accelerated my learning. It was so helpful to hear other student’s frustrations and watch Jaymi coach them into practical next steps. Now I have more tools when I have those same frustrations.

You can study all sorts of information and practice hard to become a good photographer. And in time, you can probably also learn to put together nice photo essays that convey an idea. Until the Conservation Photography 101 course came along, I'm not sure you could learn to do conservation photography without spending a decade developing the contacts, learning what works, and having plenty of luck along the way. After taking this course, I feel I've learned the fundamentals and have success pitching stories, doing fundraisers and building collaborations with conservation organizations.

As a matter of fact, within four months from the start of this course, I went from being frustrated that I couldn't get prospective clients and collaborators to return my calls and emails, to a national magazine editor telling me that they wanted to publish the story I pitched. I can't think of a better result than that!

Colleen Taggart

I love to be outside with my camera but I struggled with a drifting lack of focus. I wasn’t pushing my photography skills. I felt confused and discouraged about how to make a real difference, and how to contribute in a way that also generates some income.

This course was a perfect fit and I just jumped in head first. This is such a strong, cohesive program and Jaymi’s encouragement for large and small gains really pushed me to try harder and be better. I have way more options to choose from when shooting, and I find myself looking for story-telling photos more consistently now.

One of the richest things about this course has been the access to Jaymi and the student group. I learned so much from everyone. With so much information to inspire and challenge, you can't help but grow your expertise. Jaymi's connections and wealth of information along with the diverse experience of group participants is priceless.

Now I feel like I have all the tools, and know what direction to go in.

Luciane Coletti

Before this program, I had a lot of questions. I tried to figure it out by myself, but trial and error takes a lot of time. It was great to have immediate clarification and feedback on the direction I’m going in conservation photography. 

Going through the whole story creation process from start to finish made me feel confident that I can do this again on my own.

Christina Selby

Before taking Conservation Photography 101, I wasn’t feeling confident in pitching photo stories to magazines as my previous experience was in pitching stories as a writer. I wanted to fill in the gaps of my knowledge so I could land editorial photo assignments. I kept backing out of sending pitches, as I didn't want to get myself into a situation where I wasn't putting my best self forward.

Now, not only do I have a deeper and more complete understanding of pitching a photo story, but also what it takes to complete an editorial assignment and to design and roll out a larger project. I had holes in my stories before and now I feel I can more confidently shoot the variety and quality of pictures needed to tell the whole story and offer editors a good selection of images. I feel I am a better storyteller from this experience. I’m also finding my unique style and bringing that out more in my photography.

I have published three stories since I joined the course, and while I had pitched and had these stories accepted before the course started, I feel that the work I am submitting in terms of capturing the whole story is improving each time because of the CP 101 experience.

I am also putting together pitches for two additional stories to national magazines, both ideas were developed and honed in CP 101. Now I have the confidence to actually send the pitches off.

Samantha Stephens

One of my biggest struggles was getting my head wrapped around all the different elements of a story and how I wanted to tell it. With this workshop, I felt encouraged facing that challenge and figuring out how to piece together a complete story that could be published in a magazine.

To be able to see my portfolio come together felt very rewarding. I now think beyond single images, and feel more comfortable pursuing stories and talking to new people. I didn’t have any idea how to go about writing grants or reaching out to editors. But I feel encouraged now.

I am so impressed by how dedicated Jaymi is to teaching. She’s always going above and beyond. I can tell she really wants to be there as much as the participants, which is a great feeling.

Michelle Guillermin

I like to explore conservation issues and bring light to them. But I have really struggled with entering the publishing forum. I didn’t know what the steps were to get to the end, or how to plan out my work. I loved this program because it focuses on the process and helps people put their plan into action.

Jaymi provides a great mix of keeping people on task, but without too much pressure. I came away with so much, both in knowledge and confidence. As a nonjournalist, a non-professional photographer, this realm can feel intimidating. But I didn’t feel that with Jaymi. She recognizes everyone has a part to play in conservation photography.

Enrollment opens again Fall 2021

Join the waitlist & be first to know when doors open