Master how to find, photograph and pitch a powerful conservation story without the overwhelm of where to start, the stifling insecurity about getting the “right” images, or frustrating confusion over how to connect with editors.

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Anne Readel

    I enrolled in the course in June, submitted my first pitch in September, and the story was published in Audubon Magazine in November.

Anthony Ochieng

   When I found CP101, it helped me realize the importance of having a step to step approach… The program is like the back bone of my conservation photography professional career.

Bill MacFarland

    And, one of the stories I worked on during this course has been accepted for publication by a national magazine! WOOOHOOO! That's what we're talkin' about!

Susan Winfree

    Now I feel such joy in my photography, like I have a new box of tools to play with.

Because of Conservation Photography 101, I’ve seen a huge growth in my photography skills and an increase in my confidence…It’s been incredible. The course has opened up all these possibilities for me and gives my photography a purpose I’m super excited about!

Kyle Gerner

    What I’ve learned in the course has given me the confidence to be curious, ask questions, meet people, and get my work out there. And now I have my first conservation photo story accepted for publication.

The course has paid for itself in less than a year!

Shari Romar headshot
Shari Romar

    I've been into nature photography for 25 years or so. Conservation Photography 101 has been the best investment I've made in photography, aside from my gear.

This course has blown-my mind. Every element is spectacular.


jaymi-heimbuch-24585-2 copy

Hi, I'm Jaymi Heimbuch

I’ve been a professional wildlife conservation photographer for over a decade, and am a freelance photo editor for conservation-focused publications. Equal to my passion of pursuing stories is my joy of teaching others and helping YOU attain your greatest goals.

I know how difficult it can feel to get started in your conservation photography journey. Trust me, I've been there! And every day I see pitches for photo stories, so I know what gets attention and Yes answers.

I am all about building strategies that minimize overwhelm, spiraling, and stagnation so you can gain momentum. Because what you do with your photography talents means the world to us all (literally).

I've had the honor of watching my students tackle the challenges and break through barriers in how they approach a story, how they approach their image creation, and importantly, how they think about themselves as conservation photographers.

Pulling from my love of structure and organization, and my passion for teaching conservation storytelling, I’ve crafted a system that will help you get out of the thought spiral and into the field making waves.

Conservation Photography 101 is the only program of its kind.

Get the proven roadmap so that you can leapfrog the “how do I do this” and skip straight to the “I'm doing this!!!” part, with coaching & support along the way, all for just


Start saving up your “I invest in myself” funds 🎉


Luciane Coletti

   It was great to have immediate clarification and feedback on the direction I’m going in conservation photography.

Jennifer Leigh Warner

    And when I completed a story and sent it to an editor, that editor’s response was probably the most encouraging thing I had ever heard.

Jules Jacobs

    I definitely wouldn't have pursued my early story ideas without the course because I wouldn't have known where to start… this course will change your life if you let it. I am not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life.

Sarah Killingsworth

    The publications I had in 2021 were a direct result of the work I did in Conservation Photography 101 in 2020, including the cover story in a regional magazine which was the story I workshopped while taking the course.

I’ve absolutely gotten a return on my investment in CP101. It’s probably the best investment I made in 2020. It has helped me build a strong foundation.

Lisa Alvarez

   I've read articles on how to become a Conservation Photographer, but that does not even begin to compare with what you learn in this course. Here, you get the “nuts and bolts” on how to move forward.

Michelle Guillermin

    As a nonjournalist, a non-professional photographer, this realm can feel intimidating. But I didn’t feel that with Jaymi. She recognizes everyone has a part to play in conservation photography.

Samantha Stephens

   To be able to see my portfolio come together felt very rewarding. I now think beyond single images, and feel more comfortable pursuing stories and talking to new people.

Christina Selby

   I am also putting together pitches for two additional stories to national magazines, both ideas were developed and honed in CP 101. Now I have the confidence to actually send the pitches off.

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