Master how to make a film from start to finish.

Learn exactly how to craft powerfully moving films that create conservation impact – without the confusion of where to begin, frustration over what to capture, or overwhelm of how to put all the pieces together. 

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By the end of this course you will have



Decided what kind of film

you're creating and what kind of impact you want your film to have on audiences. Whether it's a 1-minute awareness message, a 5-minute short, or even an ambitious feature-length film, you'll know how to get all “big picture” decisions made up front.




Discovered a compelling idea

for a conservation-oriented film that you can begin right away. You'll get the guidance to overcome the biggest stumbling block: honing your idea from a topic into a clear story, complete with a narrative arch and characters.




Mapped out your strategy

 to go from all those brilliant creative visions caught in your head to beautiful visuals captured in your camera. You'll know exactly which steps to take and in what order to build your plan and move from concept to action.




Learned essential camera settings

 that help you capture the best possible clips for your film, including stable footage and high quality sound, so you have a professional look to your entire film. It doesn't matter if you're using your phone and a low-cost microphone, or a pro-level kit. You'll learn the fundamentals for any camera you're using.




Mastered Shooting techniques

for capturing beautiful clips in any situation. You'll learn how to compose your frames, follow action, capture interviews, and more. Plus you'll learn tricks for adding soul and extra oomph to your film, including setting a solid pace for your film and adding the finishing touches for that professional look.




Finished a film

to show the world! Whether it is a motion reel to use on your website, a short film on a conservation topic, or even a feature length film, you'll build something you're proud to premiere. And most importantly, you'll have all the skills (and motivation!) you need to dive into your next project, and next, and next…


But most importantly…


Conservation Filmmaking 101 gives you the confidence to finally make the leap from a sideline dreamer uncertain about how to get started with video, to a skilled visual storyteller who uses motion to capture the hearts and minds of people.


Whether crafting inspiring shorts for websites and social campaigns, or producing festival-worthy films that drive conservation movements forward, you'll learn exactly how to make films that leave audiences changed for the better.


morgan heim-8483 (1)

Morgan (Mo) Heim is a full-time professional conservation filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in the field, and many awards and accolades under her belt.

From crafting powerful short films that reach millions of viewers, to feature-length films that set the bar for bringing creativity and joy into conservation films, Morgan knows exactly what it takes to combine the craft of camera work with the skills of storytelling to make something exceptional.

Her film collaborations have appeared in Banff Mountain Film Festival, Adventure Film, Telluride and the International Wildlife Film Festival. In 2016, The Snow Guardian, (which she made while a Producer at Day’s Edge Productions), received second place in the Film4Climate Competition in associate with COP22 and has since gone viral with over 10 million views on National Geographic.

And she is bringing all that experience and knowledge to you through her engaging teaching style and step-by-step video lessons.

Imagine what it will feel like to hit the play button on a film you dreamed up and crafted piece by piece and your audience sits captivated by the story you care so deeply about telling.


It's time to make that happen.

What's Your Hidden Storyteller Personality?

Take the quick quiz to discover your creative super-strengths as a conservation-focused visual storyteller. Get a custom action plan based on your results so that you know exactly what to do next to gain clarity, momentum and impact with your imagery. This is coming straight from a full-time pro conservation photographer/editor with 10 years experience & an obsession with helping you reach your world-changing goals.