Overcome the obstacles that keep you stuck


Get focused feedback and guidance from high-level industry professionals so that you make rapid progress on a photography project and accelerate your growth as a conservation visual storyteller. 

Upcoming Program Dates:

August 29 – October 7, 2022

Limited to 9 participants
Only 6 Seats Remaining

Before we dig into the details of everything this powerful, problem-solving program has to offer, here's who this 6-week mentorship is for…


You're a passionate, driven photographer who is fired up about your conservation storytelling project. There's no dabbling or dawdling for you. You're serious about the story you have to tell – not only for what it can mean for the conservation issue you care about, but also its potential for pushing you to new creative and professional levels as a visual storyteller.

You're ready to dig in deep, to be courageous with your style and techniques, to embrace the discomfort of pushing your own boundaries as you explore visual storytelling.


Whether you're an amateur photographer with creative ambition who wants your volunteer or side-hustle work to be as polished and impressive as that of any pro


Or you're a semi-professional on the career-path who is ready to make the next leap with a creative project that puts you on the map


Or you're an established professional ready to refine your style, build your skills, and break through a creative plateau so you can gain bigger professional opportunities


then this is the program for you. Your professional status doesn't matter. What does matter is how seriously you take your creative super-powers, and how ready you are to kick them into high gear.

Here's how the Mentor Program will give you the tools and support you need to accomplish all your amazingness.

Meet Your Mentors

learn from the best to become the best

You are guided by three highly respected professionals in the conservation visual storytelling field. Each brings well over a decade of experience in diverse areas, including photography, filmmaking, photo editing and storytelling, publishing, marketing, project planning and management, and more. Combined, you have a powerful team guiding you through all the essential skills you need to pull off a powerful photography project.

Morgan Heim

Award-winning conservation filmmaker, in-demand assignment photographer, all-around creative genius
  • Project Development & Dynamic Storytelling
  • Filmmaking, Photography & Camera Trap Photography
  • Fostering Creative Courage
morgan heim-8483 (1)

Sabine Meyer

Director of Photography for National Audubon Society, highly experienced photography instructor, photo essay savant
  • Visual Story Development
  • Field Strategy & Photo Editing for Storytelling
  • Crafting Confident Camerawork

Jaymi Heimbuch

Wildlife conservation photographer, freelance photo editor, project management mastermind
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Marketing Strategy for Stories with Impact
  • Bolstering Can-Do Attitudes

What's Included

   6 Weeks of In-Depth Mentorship

Weekly 2-hour group mentorship call 

Each week, you'll meet for 2 hours with your 3 mentors and fellow mentees in a small group coaching session. The program is limited to a maximum of 9 mentees to ensure there is plenty of room for ideas to flow.

(Value: $2,100)

Each group coaching session includes:

    • Instruction and discussion of core topics in visual storytelling
    • 3 “hot seat” sessions with mentees for focused feedback on projects and progress
    • Q&A with your 3 mentors for specific issues, hurdles or idea development
    • Recorded so you can review the session and glean additional insights

   3 One-On-Ones

Individual time with each of your three mentors.

Get one-on-one personalized feedback during one 30-minute call with each of your 3 mentors over the course of the 6-week program. This is where you can delve deeper into specific skill sets, individual feedback, and customized guidance on your project or story.

(Value: $450)

You'll gain:

    • In-depth individualized feedback on your progress
    • Insights from pros with varied experience, from creativity to planning to marketing, so that you gain well-rounded feedback on your project from concept to completion
    • Opportunity to dig into your questions in a relaxed and confidential setting with each of the program mentors

   Private Student Group

12 weeks access to The Quad at CVSA

Enjoy a virtual “study hall” where you can hang out 24/7 with your fellow mentees for added accountability, feedback, conversation and camaraderie. You'll have access to the online group for the 6 weeks of the program plus an additional 6 weeks afterward to continue your creative progress.

(Value: $300)

You’ll gain:

    • Community and camaraderie as you keep the conversations rolling with your fellow mentees throughout the week
    • Extended feedback on your project or story from your peers
    • Accountability for progress, either through informal check-ins or buddying up with an accountability partner
    • Ongoing conversation and connection even after the mentor program ends


Lifetime Access to Weekly Meeting Recordings

(Value: $450)

Rewatch the group coaching sessions as often as you want

Each week, we record the group coaching sessions and provide you with the recordings. You have lifetime access to these recorded sessions, so you can return to them again and again to refresh yourself on the trainings, or simply get a confidence boost as you review the insights.

The total value of everything you receive within this 6-week program is $3,300.
You can access it all for a fraction of that price.

Give yourself the guided short-cut to new levels of creative mastery

Choose the most comfortable payment option for you

3 Monthly Payments



One Payment



By the end of this program you will…


Your project or story likely feels big, weighty, unwieldy… maybe even complicated and confusing. It likely takes you more than 30 seconds to explain your idea to someone else. That's a big, bright red flag a-wavin' in the breeze.

In our group mentor sessions, you'll learn how to build clarity around your specific project or story so that you can get out of your own way and move forward with speed and confidence.

You'll understand exactly how to get laser focused on what your project or story is about, its purpose, and what you want it to accomplish. And you'll be able to repeat these strategies for future endeavors.


Without a road map, it doesn't matter how fast you move. You'll still wander, wasting precious time and energy.

Our mentors are experts at the strategies and skills of planning visual storytelling projects, down to the fine detail (without getting lost in the weeds).

You'll learn how to build structure around your creative energy, and how to craft road maps that allow you even more creative freedom while keeping you on track.

Your wide-ranging project will finally become manageable. The anxiety and weight of what-ifs transform into confidence and forward movement.


Time to get moving! If you've been stuck in educrastination mode, or dreaming all the dreams without doing and of the to-dos, then our mentor program will kick you into gear.

Clarity and a plan of action are essential, but as soon as you have those in hand, we expect you to produce.

Your mentors will help to hold you accountable – in the most kind and encouraging way – so that you can get feedback week after week and noticeably improve your storytelling approach, technical skills and visual style.


The big dream is that you graduate from the mentor program with a completed project or story. However, we know that some projects or stories are too big to complete in 6 weeks, or have season- or event-dependent components.

Even if you don't finish your project by your last mentor session, you will have a plan, a due date, and most importantly, the courage, confidence and creative drive to hit the finish line by your expected due date.

You'll also have the ongoing support of your fellow mentees within a private online group for three months after the last mentor session.

You’re a photographer who is driven to get to the next level in your work, and you want to finish a photo project that fulfills a conservation vision, pushes your skills, and paves the way to bigger and bolder project opportunities.


If you're in the midst of just such a project, one that you know could be amazing but you're…


   lost in how to move forward from the grand idea into finished images and a final product


    overwhelmed with all the possibilities and worried about going in the wrong direction


    or have a nagging feeling that you aren't quite hitting your full potential as you make frames


then you likely already know that having a mentor will give you…

>> Clarity and focus so that you hit your goals faster 

Second-guessing, procrastinating, waffling, working on too many parts of a project all at once… there are many ways that you get in your own way, slowing down your own progress even when you feel like you're putting in maximum effort.

A mentor pinpoints how and where you're putting hurdles in your own path, guides you in how to remove them, and trains you on how to stop the habits that slow you down.

Working with mentors is like traveling in the traffic-free carpool lane with a navigator in the passenger seat. You get to where you want to go a whole lot faster.


>>  Insights and feedback you'll never find working solo

When you don't know what you don't know, it's really tough to find answers. But mentors have been in your shoes before. They already have the experience that you're currently working to build.

So, a mentor helps you avoid mistakes, leap-frog steps, and streamline your path to success.

The advice, information, and structured feedback a mentor provides is priceless… and is something you just can't get working on your own.


>>  Personalized guidance on your specific questions and challenges

The world is filled to the brim with helpful how-to articles, training videos, podcast episodes, and more. But sometimes, this generalized information just won't cut it.

Your project is unique, and you have unique questions. You need someone to talk with directly, to spend time discussing your specific project, problems, and portfolio.

Mentorship is that personalized, trustworthy input. It's the difference between reading a self-help book, and sitting down with your closest friends over coffee… it's the later that will actually help you solve a problem.

So if you're ready to work side-by-side with mentors so that you can fast-track your creative growth and make enormous progress on a meaningful photography project, you're in the right place.

Give yourself the guided short-cut to new levels of creative mastery

Choose the most comfortable payment option for you

3 Monthly Payments



One Payment



Rather than getting excited about a story or project only to have the joy fizzle out when you get to the hard parts, you’ll know how to structure your ideas, and your actions, to make genuine headway. And you'll do this with the comfort that comes with professional guidance at each step of the way. 

You'll get past the hurdles of “I'm Stuck” and “Where Do I Go From Here” and “What Do I Want This To Look Like” with the confidence that only comes from individualized feedback and consistent check-ins.

No more wandering through a project on your own, letting the creative moments be weighed down by uncertainties and overwhelm.

You’ll become a better storyteller, an even more brilliant creative thinker, a savvy strategist on your photography projects, and you'll walk away with a network of peers you can turn to during future endeavors. 

You might be wondering…

Will I get lost in confusing jargon and complicated photography concepts?

We check jargon and intimidation at the door! We're all about providing actionable information that anyone, at any experience level, can understand and implement. This program is designed to ensure you grasp the information as quickly as possible so you can get out there and do big things.

What if I don’t have any story or project ideas?

If you're seeking out a story or project idea to pursue, then we applaud you! It's hard to figure out exactly what to work on. We have other courses here at CVSA that help you find, plan and complete stories.

The Mentor Program, however, is designed for when you already have something you're working on – regardless of if you're at the starting line, or you're in the messy middle – and you want in-depth mentorship to help you get to the finish line.

Because this is a small group setting, each mentee is expected to come in with a project or story that they'll work on throughout the duration of the program.

How is this different from other online mentor programs?

So glad you asked! This in-depth mentor program stands out in several ways.

Our program is designed to be a robust small-group learning opportunity that allows you the time to truly dig in to the work and see progress on your own work, as well as learn a surprising amount from the feedback your fellow mentees receive on their projects and stories.

Rather than the commonly offered format of an hour a month with a mentor spread out over many months, our program takes an “intensive” approach so that you can gain rapid results in a short period of time.

With 2-hour sessions weekly as a group plus three 30-minute 1:1 sessions all within 6 weeks, you stay motivated and engaged to hit the finish line.

Thanks to the small-group coaching format, you'll learn a ton from your fellow mentees as they ask questions you didn't realize you wanted answers to as well, and as they solve creative problems on their projects that help guide you in your own work both now and in the future.

Plus, we've built in ways for you to have 24/7 engagement with your fellow mentees, so even when you aren't in a session with your mentors, you can keep the creativity, conversation and accountability going throughout the program and beyond.

No other program focuses on our niche of conservation-focused visual storytelling in quite this way, let alone has the high level of instructor engagement and peer-to-peer support built into it.

How long do I have access to the recorded sessions?

How does “forever” sound?! Each week, we record the 2-hour group coaching session and provide you with the recording inside your course dashboard on Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy. You  have lifetime access to all 12 recorded sessions, so you can rewatch the sessions even after your mentor program and access to the private group, Mentor Program Study Hall, ends.

How long do I get to be a member of the Mentor Program Study Hall?

As part of your mentor program, you get access to The Quad at Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy – our virtual hangout area for all Academy students. Inside, you'll have access to a special “Study Hall” exclusive to the mentees of this program where you can connect with your fellow mentees 24/7.

This access to the Mentor Program Study Hall lasts for 12 weeks total, starting on the first day of the Mentor Program.

If you're a student of other CVSA courses, you'll maintain access to the Quad and your other course Study Halls even after access to the Mentor Program Study Hall ends. If you are not a student of other CVSA courses, your access to the Quad as a whole ends after 12 weeks from the start of the Mentor Program.

How do the one-on-one mentor sessions work?

As part of the program, you'll have a 30-minute 1:1 with each of your three mentors – one session with Morgan Heim, one session with Sabine Meyer, and one session with Jaymi Heimbuch. These will be scheduled over the duration of the 6-week program. These are held on Zoom, and will be scheduled individually.

Sounds amazing - can you remind me what all I get when I enroll?

Absolutely! When you enroll in the Mentor Program, you’ll immediately receive access to the course platform where a welcome guide is waiting for you.

You'll also have immediate access to The Quad and your Mentor Program Study Hall where you can connect with your fellow mentees.

But of course there’s a whole lot more that you’ll get within this program when it begins …. Let’s peruse what's included again!

What's Included in the Mentor Program

6 Weeks of Mentorship

Rapidly progress your skills through weekly 2-hour small group coaching sessions with your mentors

12 Weeks Access to Private Student Group

Enjoy access to a private student group, where you can connect with your fellow mentees 24/7 for ongoing connection, feedback and accountability

3 One-on-One Sessions

Get individual feedback and mentorship during one 30-minute session with each of your three mentors

Bonus: Lifetime Access to Recordings

Return to your coaching sessions again and again to glean more insights and details as you continue your creative progress.

Give yourself the guided short-cut to new levels of creative mastery

Choose the most comfortable payment option for you

3 Monthly Payments



One Payment



This program is perfect for you if…

   You are serious about your photography project and know that guidance from pros will help you hit the finish line


   You've been working in conservation photography for awhile but have hit a plateau, and want to gain traction in shooting a project or story from start to finish


   You’re ready and willing to put in the time and do the tough work, and you’re game to tackle any hiccups you encounter on the journey


   You’ve decided this will be the year you stop tinkering and get serious about making a genuine impact with your images, and you know getting in-depth guidance is the way to do that


   You know that building structure around your creative energy is a weak spot for you, and having mentors that keep you on track and help you plan and implement your ideas, will get you the results you’ve been wanting


   You've worked on shooting your photo project, but haphazardly, and you want to finally get laser focused on how you plan, photograph, and complete your project so that it can get those big results you're dreaming about


   You’re ready and excited make your photo project a priority, and to invest in your creative self so that you can make this – and any other project you dream up – a reality. You're ready to lay aside some previously held beliefs or habits in favor of new ones that will help you do the hard yet rewarding work of completing your conservation photo project or story

Begin Your Creative Adventure Today

Choose the most comfortable payment option for you

3 Monthly Payments



One Payment



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