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There's Never Been a Better Time to Become a Conservation Visual Storyteller.

There’s nothing like a good story – especially one with beautiful pictures – to get folks stirred up enough to care, to act.

What we see, we understand. What we understand, we love. What we love, we protect. And photographs are that driving force for positive change. 

Imagine creating beautiful photo stories that inspire smarter decision-making in your local community and beyond. You can craft the visual stories that make all the difference.

Hi, I'm Jaymi Heimbuch, founder of Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy.

With 10+ years experience as a wildlife conservation photographer and photo editor, I help you master the art of photographing impactful stories and getting them in front of publications where they can inspire audiences, spark conversation, and make a meaningful impact.

Let's get started.

What Students Say

I enrolled in the course in June, submitted my first pitch in September, and the story was published in Audubon Magazine in November… I think a lot of us are probably perfectionists or we're very driven, and we want to produce the best work we possibly can. But at some point, you need to just pull the trigger. Jaymi helps you see when you can do that, when to get out of your own way to get your story into the world. This course has been invaluable.

Anne Readel

The growth that I've seen out of myself and my work has been huge. Storytelling was not even in my vocabulary before Conservation Photography 101. I was looking for just the wildlife aspects, but now I'm looking for those elements that make it different and make it a story… If you want to be here, and if you want to be in the action, and if you want to be inspiring others, this course will change your life if you let it. I am not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life.

Jules Jacobs

When I found Conservation Photography 101, it helped me realize the importance of having a step to step approach in doing a conservation photo story... The program is like the back bone of my conservation photography professional career. 

Anthony Ochieng

As a nonjournalist, a non-professional photographer, this realm can feel intimidating. But I didn’t feel that with Jaymi. She recognizes everyone has a part to play in conservation photography.

Michelle Guillermine

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